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Name: Iddy
Contact Info: ZieglerFan719@gmail.com / [plurk.com profile] ihdreniel
Other Characters Played: Lizzie Samuels | The Walking Dead (TV series)
Requested apartment: N/A

Character Name: Pitch Black
Canon: Rise of the Guardians (this movie is based on a book series, and many players from the canon like to combine them; however, I'll be apping him from the movie only)
Canon Point: post-movie
Background/History: Wikipedia article about the film!

Personality: Pitch is a spirit of fear-- the Boogeyman. He's been around for millennia, and he would be the first to tell you that he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Unlike his main enemies, the Guardians, Pitch doesn't need to be believed in to exist-- but that isn't to say that belief isn't important to him. He may not need it to survive, but he does want it, desperately. The less people believe in him, the less power he has over them-- possibly even to the point that he might as well not exist for all that the people around him know. In canon, he's practically at this point already. People routinely walk through him, they can't hear him when he talks, and it's commonplace for parents to tell their children, "Don't be scared, there's no such thing as the Boogeyman". And he hates it. He doesn't expect to be liked, but he deeply wants recognition and respect-- things that he simply doesn't have.

He's also lonely. He's the only "bad" spirit to appear-- or even be mentioned-- in the movie, and it's pretty clear that he doesn't have anyone to team up with. The mortals can't see him because they don't believe in him, the other spirits avoid him because he's a sketchy asshole, and he likely has always spent almost all of his time on his own. (As an interesting aside, he seems to have at least some level of genuine fondness for his nightmare horses-- he gets snarly and grumpy at them when he's frustrated, but he also strokes them, talks to them, and has a favorite one that he rides a lot. They in turn treat him much like a pet would treat its owner, though they do get riled up and drag him back to his underground lair in the end, when he's defeated and afraid-- like Pitch, they go for fear above all else, no matter who it comes from.) At one point, he offers friendship and an alliance to Jack Frost, another lonely spirit who's comparatively very young and hasn't yet found his place in the world. When Jack turns him down, he actually looks quite hurt for a moment... before that hurt turns to vindictive anger, anyway. Where things like rejection and belittlement (real or perceived) are concerned, his mood can change on a dime, and he can be frighteningly quick to anger. This-- along with his general nature-- means that he gets into fights with the Guardians a lot, especially when he's pulling off his Master Take-Over-the-World Plan. In battle, he's generally a pragmatist. He prefers to fight when he can, but when defeat is likely he's not above admitting it to himself, and in those situations he's been known to choose to try to flee instead. For all his bluster, he's well aware that he's not the most powerful being in the world.

I'd argue that by the time the movie rolls around, Pitch's biggest motivators are revenge and desperation. He's incredibly bitter towards the Guardians, who have put a lot of effort into making the world a happier, less scary place for kids (and therefore, in Pitch's mind, making him less relevant to their lives). They have a great many things that he wants for himself-- respect, recognition, belief-- while he's regulated to second class status, and has to deal with fewer and fewer people taking him seriously or acknowledging his existence. In a pre-canon comic titled Pitch Black (it was officially released by Dreamworks and can presumably be considered canon, which is why I'm including it here) that takes place about six hundred years before the movie, there are some interesting differences in his personality and behavior. He actually acts rather amicably towards the newly-formed Guardians, and even briefly entertains the idea of forming an alliance with Santa Claus (he suggests that Santa reward the good kids with toys, and Pitch scare the naughty ones into behaving; Santa vetos this and encourages him not to go too overboard with the fear thing). Ultimately, though, he turns down the offer to ally with them and become a Guardian himself. At the end of the encounter, he expresses confusion as to why the Man in the Moon had felt the need to form the Guardians, and wonders if it was because he thinks that fear has no place in the world anymore. This is implied to be the real beginning of his downslide: when he starts to go from being an unpleasant, creepy spirit who is nevertheless fine with the nicer beings giving people hope and wonder to balance out his fear... to being an over-the-top villain who wants to completely eliminate those nicer beings and cover the entire world with darkness. Were his actions or his goals justified? Hell no. Were the Guardians right to take him down? Hell yes. But after centuries of seeing his power decline, it's not too surprising that he ended up snapping and deciding that desperate times called for desperate measures.

All of that said, he's far from a tragic woobie who just needs a hug to make him all better. Loneliness or not, sadness or not, he's still the literal embodiment of fear-- and that's never going to change, even when he isn't actively trying to take over the world. He could make friends with someone, sincerely like them, and enjoy their company, but their fear and nightmares would still be wonderfully delicious things to him. He's capable of being cordial-- even genuinely so!-- but he's still a creepy fucker who lurks in closets and delights in the terror of children. He's pretty damn divorced from humanity, and he knows it.

Shadows: He can do all kinds of nifty things with shadows-- whirl them around in the air, wrap them around things, make shapes out of them (such as his clothing, or a giant facsimile of himself that he made appear at the North Pole at the beginning of the film), and so on.

Darkness: Is Pitch's favorite thing. He's very, very good at blending into it, and can even use it to travel-- he can walk into a patch of darkness in once place, and emerge in a patch of darkness someplace else (in Haven, I'm assuming this would be limited in the same ways that teleportation is). That said, he doesn't seem to be able to create it out of nothing (which is one reason why he prefers the night; he's more powerful then). If he's in a wide open space with no places that are dark enough, he's screwed.

Nightmare sand: A corruption of the Sandman's dream sand. In many ways he uses it similarly to how he uses shadows, though many of the things he creates with it seem to be more solid and tangible-- his shadow-made clothes, for example, shift around and blend into his body, and it's not always clear where he ends and they begin; on the other hand, he uses the nightmare sand to make nightmare horses that he can ride and touch, and weapons that he can actually fight with (he prefers a scythe, though he uses a bow and arrow at one point for a long-distance attack). The horses are essentially Pitch's minions, and they can do all kinds of nifty things like change their size (sometimes appearing the size of a small dog, and sometimes appearing as quite a bit bigger than an actual horse) and gallop through the air. They can't speak, but they appear to understand when Pitch talks to them and gives them directions, and they can communicate with each other (he has a whole herd of them). He also uses the sand to create bad dreams. All that said, though, he isn't the Sandman, and so he can't create the sand-- he can only corrupt it (though since he's gotten practiced with it, things that are made from it don't disappear unless they're destroyed or turned back into dreamsand). This means that it probably counts as a belonging, not a power, and thus most of it wouldn't come with him to Haven if I'm accepted. Unless I'm told otherwise, I'm going to operate under that assumption, though I'm including it in the app because it'd be something that he could do if Haven ever got a Sandy.

Fear/nightmares: He's not called the Boogeyman for nothing. Pitch specializes in bringing fear, and lately, his favorite way to do this is through giving nightmares. When the Sandman's around, he does this by tainting the good dreams that he gives people. With people who are awake, his mere presence is unsettling, and he's very good at planting scary ideas into people's heads and letting them run with it... or, at least, he used to be. Since the Guardians came to power, less and less people have been believing in him, and therefore less and less people have been affected by him. Now nightmares are his best bet, because people are more susceptible to such things when they're asleep-- and his favorite targets are children, because they're more impressionable in general. He can also pick up on people's fears, especially the strong ones-- and even if someone isn't afraid, he can innately tell what their worst fears are.

If I'm accepted, I won't have him use any of these powers against other characters without their permission! I'll have a permissions post for everything, especially the darkness teleportation (because he could theoretically use it to get past locked doors or into people's bedrooms) and the fear-spreading/fear-sensing.

Pitch doesn't really have much in the way of possessions, so I'm actually just going to put down one thing here: a reasonable reservoir of nightmare sand. Not enough to make an entire army of nightmare horses out of, or to spread bad dreams across the entire city at once-- but enough to, say, create two pony-sized horses, or one bigger horse and a weapon, or a small number of bad dreams. And since he controls it, he wouldn't have to stick with one combination forever; he could start out with a horse and a scythe, and then change it to two scythes with a wave of his hand.

It'd also be a finite amount. Losing it would be kind of difficult since it's something he can manipulate and poof around at will, but it'd certainly be possible (at the hands of NPCs, maybe, or another PC who has powers that could destroy it). And if it was lost, he wouldn't be able to create more out of nothing-- he'd either need to get more from home somehow, or taint some dreamsand if the Sandman showed up.

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