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Pitch Black ([personal profile] timor) wrote2014-03-01 05:26 pm

nightmare-stalking permissions

This is Pitch's opt-in post for nightmare-stalking! If you would like to give me permission to have him visit your characters at night and creep on their dreams (either as something to play out, or on an assumed level), please let me know here by filling out the sort form below. If you aren't interested in that happening, no worries! Just ignore this post and I won't have him do anything. He also is more likely to go after people sleeping in public areas than he is to try to sneak into people's cabins (though if there's an opportunity for the latter, he won't necessarily turn it down - he's just used to getting into people's bedrooms being a lot easier than it will be on the Barge, and as such will be too annoyed to put in a concerted amount of effort).

Even if you play multiple characters that you don't mind throwing into this, please list each one in a separate comment. This way, I can screen characters who are dropped and keep this page from getting cluttered up with extra stuff.

If you opt into this and anything changes (such as the content of dreams, what you give me permission to do, etc.), just reply to or edit your original comment and I'll take note. ♥

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