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list of believers and nonbelievers

For the purposes of this game, I'm going to say that if a character believes in the concept of nightmare-bringers, creepy things that hide in closets and under beds, or "the Boogeyman" in any form, they can see him. If they're the type to worry about things that lurk in the dark, they probably can't see him specifically, but they might be more prone to stuff like vaguely hearing him, seeing his movement out of the corner of their eye, or feeling a vague sense of foreboding when he's around. If they're very scientifically-minded or the sort to not believe in things without proof, they won't see, hear, or feel a thing.

However, the journals negate this. Even the most strident nonbeliever will be able to interact with him like normal using them. And, of course, people can also shift from one category to the other! If he sufficiently proves his existence to a nonbeliever, they can become a believer; likewise, if a believer were to stop believing in him for some reason, they could become a nonbeliever.

Anna Kushina ([personal profile] aprettyred)
Ashura ([personal profile] wishmadeinfire)
Dairine Callahan ([personal profile] wizard_redfive)
Danny Fenton ([personal profile] schrodingersghost)
The Doctor [5] ([personal profile] toobravehearted)
The Doctor [10] ([personal profile] im_the_doctor)
Felix Harrowgate ([personal profile] lord_wizard)
Galadriel ([personal profile] inafadingcrown)
Sheena Fujibayashi ([personal profile] rose_of_battle)
Vanyel Ashkevron ([personal profile] peacockherald)
Wade Wells ([personal profile] freeslider)
Will Stanton ([personal profile] lightbranded)

Aaron Livesy ([personal profile] teenagebadboy)
Conan Edogawa ([personal profile] deductiongeek)
Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener ([personal profile] both_neither)

Ultimately, it's entirely your decision which camp your character lands in. Your reasoning can be as flimsy as "because I fucking feel like it" if you want; I'm not going to chase people down and have them justify themselves, and you're welcome to go with whichever you feel would be more fun. Commenting here to let me know which you've picked is fine, but not necessary if you don't want to bother; I'm okay with finding out during a thread and responding accordingly.

If you are in [community profile] havenrpg, don't worry about all this; it doesn't apply to you! Pitch is completely visible to everyone in Haven, regardless of believe status.

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