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character info for [community profile] dramadramaduck

Maim/murder/death: Prooooobably not, but you can still ask and I'll consider it on a case-by-case basis.
Kissing: OOCly you have my permission, but he likely won't react well at all.
Hugging: OOCly you have my permission, but he likely won't react well at all.
Badtouch: If a thread is clearly leading up to it, sure; if you want to have your character spring it on him ICly, please run it by me OOCly first!
Threadhopping: Sure, I'm completely fine with it as long as you don't hop into a locked conversation or log (unless your character would logically stumble upon the scene or you ask permission first).
Fourthwalling: Ask first!
Backdating: I'll continue any old conversation/log, no matter how long its been since the last comment (in other words, if you dropped a thread two months ago and now want to continue it, go ahead and I'll reply!). The same goes for replying to old entries-- though obviously, I'll backdate any responses. The only exception to this would be if you replied to an entry from before your character was in the game, or if the thread would do anything to change things that happened later on.


This post also serves as an OOC contact/plotting/spam/whatever post, so feel free to use it whenever you want.