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Pitch Black ([personal profile] timor) wrote2014-08-20 11:45 am
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fear-sensing permissions

This is somewhat related to the fear-reporting post, but more general. Pitch is a fear spirit, and one of his powers is the ability to innately know people's worst fears, even when they're not currently afraid. However, because I don't want to risk infomodding, this is opt-in. If you don't want Pitch to automatically know these things about your character, we can handwave that the Barge is somehow blocking the information from him. Either way, I'd appreciate you filling this form out, even if it's just to tell me that you don't want him to be able to do this with your character!

Even if you play multiple characters, please list each one in a separate comment. This way, I can screen characters who are dropped and keep this page from getting cluttered up with extra stuff.

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