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character info for [community profile] lastvoyages

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FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: If you can make a case for your character being familiar with Rise of the Guardians, go for it! Pitch would just roll with it, really.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, thin, and looming, with a general aura of menace. He likely won't actually hurt you physically, but he wants you to think that he might. He always wears a long black robe made of shadows, and it's difficult to tell where the "fabric" ends and he begins.
DEMEANOR: Creepily, when he's in scare mode (and he usually tries to be). He lurks and sneaks up on people and gives everybody unsettling grins. In actual social situations, though, he's out of his depth. He can manipulate and put on a show, but he doesn't know how to have a real, honest conversation, and if somebody tried he'd probably come off as cripplingly socially awkward.
Shadows: He can do all kinds of nifty things with shadows - whirl them around in the air, wrap them around things, make shapes out of them (such as his clothing, or a giant facsimile of himself that he made appear at the North Pole at the beginning of the film), and so on. He doesn't seem to be able to create weapons out of them, though, as they aren't very tangible.

Darkness: Is Pitch's favorite thing, and he's very, very good at blending into it. That said, he doesn't seem to be able to create it out of nothing (which is one reason why he prefers the night; he's more powerful then). If he's in a wide open space with no places that are dark enough, he's screwed.

Fear/nightmares: He's not called the Boogeyman for nothing. Pitch can sense the fear of others, and is drawn to it. He can also see nightmares.

He has more powers that are currently unaccessible to him in-game; for more information on those, see his app.

MEDICAL INFORMATION: He's a spirit. He can get hurt, but he can't really get injured (that is, damage from a fight will cause him pain, but it won't cause any injuries that would need to be patched up).
CABIN INFORMATION: One of the rooms in his underground lair. It's large, dark, and cavernous, with walls and floors made of stone.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Being told that he isn't real. Being told that he doesn't, or shouldn't, have power. Being told that fear is only ever something that should be ignored or overcome.

MENTAL: Go for it! He probably doesn't have any specific mental blocks up against this sort of thing, but he also isn't human, so if your character isn't shown to be able to have an effect on spirits and other ghostly things it likely wouldn't work on him.
MIMICRY: Totally fine with me.
MAGIC: Yes, with the same caveat as above; if their magic doesn't work on spirits he'll be immune.
DEBATE: Absolutely.
OTHER / NOTES: Any other notes about what you would prefer to happen or prefer to avoid with your character, or a link to your own individual permissions page concerning your character's abilities.

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