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Pitch Black ([personal profile] timor) wrote2016-01-06 11:03 pm
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Character Name: Pitch Black
Character Journal: [personal profile] timor
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information: Trying to impose a human moral code on Pitch would not be very effective. He understands the rationale behind holding humans to human standards - but he isn't human who lives in human society, and he would be extremely quick to point this out. A good warden for him would be someone who wouldn't try to convince him to abandon the fear thing entirely. For better or for worse, it is what he exists to do, and anyone who tried to tell him to find something else would be met with immediate scorn and an instant lack of respect. The trick would be to convince him to use fear to help humanity rather than to hurt it. He understands more than anyone that fear is a complicated thing, and that it can do good as well as bad (it keeps people cautious, for example, and helps them avoid unnecessary risk-taking), and if he adjusted his approach to focus on that, it would be easier for him to coexist with the nicer spirits (the way, it should be mentioned, he used to do with little to no major trouble). Once someone found an approach that worked well with him, it actually wouldn't be likely to take long to get him to come around. If that approach wasn't found, though, he could easily become a lifer. There are just some things that he would never be willing to try to change, and his true nature and purpose is one of them.

OOCly, I'm in EST (UTC -5), and I'm pretty fast/active most of the time (though Pitch will be a lot quieter and more antisocial than Tiffany, my other character), though I'm perfectly willing to thread and plot with people who are on the slower side. Uncomfortable and triggery subject matter of all sorts is a-okay with me, provided that it's handled respectfully!